Many questions can not be answered with specifics as of now as the legislation outlining the process has not been passed and if we are fortunate enough to be included in final passage it will most likely then fall on the Massachusetts State Lottery to create the regulations laying out the specifics on how sports wagers would be allowed through their agents.

Is Sports Betting Now Legal In Massachusetts?

Not yet but the Legislature is working on a bill to legalize it now that the Supreme Court has found it unconstitutional to prohibit states from implementing it.


How Would It Work At A Bar/Restaurant That Has Keno?

That would be up to the Lottery who if allowed to offer sports betting would create the regulations on which places can and how they would have to do it.  We do like the model in Washington DC which works with a 3rd party vendor that provides the establishments with a self serve kiosk(s) that is a touch screen machine for the customer to make their wager.  They select the game, wager, insert money or card and receive a slip of the wager that can be cased if it wins.


Would The Bar/Restaurant Actually Book The Bets?

No.  The establishment is only providing a legal and safe place to wager.  Winning tickets would be cashed just like a winning Keno slip.  They can be cashed at any place where a slip can be cashed and if it is over a certain amount set forth by the Lottery it would have to be taken to a Lottery office.  Another thought is that the legislation or regulations would allow the ticket to be cashed at a participating casino.


Are There Other Places That Allow Lottery Agents To Take Sports Bets?

All over Eurpoe for decades they’ve had sports betting run through their state sponsored lotteries.
Several states including Washington DC are allowing their lottery agents to offer sports betting to their patrons.
Click here to see an up to date map outlining how different states are implementing sports betting: https://www.sbnation.com/a/sports-betting-gambling-state-legislation-tracker

What About Convenience Stores?

We are focusing on pushing for full Keno Operators to have the ability to offer sports betting because we believe that bars and restaurants provide a venue where a person can sit and enjoy the game that they wagered on.  We are not against the ability for convenience stores or other lottery agents being able to have sports betting but our focus is on full Keno Operators who have customers who tend to stay in the establishment for an extended amount of time.

Are You Against Casinos And/Or Mobile Platforms Having Sports Betting?

We are not.  We actually believe that the state licensed casinos should absolutely be able to offer sports betting to their patrons and in fact maybe even be allowed to offer more options than lottery agents would be able to.


Then Why Do You Want It At Lottery Agents As Well?

Multiple reasons.
1) Not everyone is comfortable downloading an app on their phone
2) Some people who are comfortable with downloading an app on their phone are not comfortable then tying that app to a bank account
3) Not everyone lives close to a casino
4) For those folks not comfortable using an app to gamble and don’t live near a casino they should be able to place a wager in person at a local small business that is properly licensed to take wagers.
5) This means more money for the State, our cities and towns and for tackling the issue of problem gambling

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